Jan Richter

Web developer, QA Engineer and Consultant

Web enthusiast who enjoys wearing multiple hats and trying new things.
Based in Dublin, Ireland.

Currently not available due to high demand

What can I help you with?
QA Engineer - define processes, build test automation frameworks (for both API and UI), pick tools and prepare test environments, lead a teamWeb Developer - full stack, mainly PHP, recently some GO, Node.js or C#Solution Engineer - finding solutions and dealing with customers on any technical level

Web enthusiast who enjoys wearing multiple hats.
Always here to help and bring positive and “Can Do” attitude to the team.
Mostly working in the Web development, but I also use my other experience as testing, consulting, tech support and more to offer my clients best solution and advice they can get for their business.

Besides that, I am always trying to keep up to date with current technologies, trends and keep working on side projects to practice my coding and scripting skills.

And I have experience working both as a lone wolf and as part of some great teams.

Currently learning
Go, Node.js

Quality Assurance
Team management
Web development
Release management
C#1 year
Selenium2 years
PHP4 years
Laravel2 years
HTML, CSS5 years
Javascript (jQuery)3 years
Git3 years
WordPress2 years
Drupal 7/81 year
MySQL2 years
Postgres1 year

Other experience
Cypress, PowerShell, shell & batch scripting, VBS, VBA, Stripe API, Google Analytics, MsSQL, WooCommerce, MS Access, NUnit, jUnit, Maven, Gulp, Grunt, Apache, TestRail, Jira

Jobs history
I have done freelancing for several years sharping my coding skills while building websites and web apps as a Web Developer. And practice my soft skills while consulting for my clients. Most work was done in PHP using Laravel framework and WordPress.

I was also an ICT administrator for over 2 years for Catholic Charities Diocese. This involved providing IT support for all employees (20+) including software and hardware issues. Fair part of my job was about developing new apps using Drupal 7 and migrating old database app from MS Access to Drupal too.
And finally, a lot of scripting for various tasks in Windows.

Over a year I worked as a Software Test Engineer for Quadient (formerly known as GMC Software) where I had a chance to do manual testing on complex Java enterprise desktop and web apps (including frontend written in Angular) and SOAP/REST services.
Manage all automated tests in jUnit, JMeter, Selenium and SoapUI. This role also included verifying bugs in Jira, bugfixing, managing testcases in TestRail plus knowledge base/ducumentation in Confluence.
I also did a bit of PHP developing in Drupal.
Our team followed Agile/Scrum methodology and cooperated with teams in Netherlands and USA.

My last experience was as a QA Engineer for skyrocketing health start-up LetsGetChecked where I was joining as a first QA person and ended up with leading team of 3 testers.
We built complex testing framework using Selenium with C# for UI tests. API and integration tests were covered by NUnit and Postman.
I was also in charge of releases into production and first person to deal with technical issues coming from customers.
Entire environment was really fast paced and full of technological challenges which I find as best thing for myself.

Last freelance work

Work done for my clients


Awards winning website which provides high quality Czech subtitles for videos on YouTube

Used technologies
PHP, Phalcon, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, MySQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch


Web app to manage, print and order photos for entire schools.

Used technologies
PHP, Laravel, Javascript, Vue.js, jQuery, CSS, HTML, MySQL, printer API integration


Successful company with training system of their own which offers courses for self defense, first help and many other situations where you can save your life or others.

Used technologies
WordPress, PHP, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, Google Analytics, MailChimp


First service which can make you offline video in seconds. A lot of fun included.

Used technologies
PHP, Linux and Windows scripting

Guest House Broumar pond

Simple website for super cosy guest house located in beautiful nature.

Used technologies
Single page, PHP, multi-language support, vanilla Javascript


My side hustles to write, learn and try new technologies

Videacesky on YT

Browser extension which checks if YouTube video is already translated to Czech on Videacesky.cz and much more.

Paid Content alert

Extension for Chrome and Firefox to notify your when you are about to read paid article.

in ireland

WordPress blog about moving and living in Ireland (CZ only) with tips for traveling.

let's translate

Website about translating and subtitling. From basic to advanced technical topics (CZ only).

Titulky.com Plus

Chrome extension with custom made API to enhance Czech subtitles directory (CZ only).


Largest unofficial website about Battlefield Play4Free game. Including custom made tools.


Assigned as a main developer based on my previous participation in the project. Building new features, fixing bugs.

Used technologies
PHP, Phalcon, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, MySQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch

Check yourself on videacesky.cz (CZ only).


I have managed, prepared entire technical solution and developed both backend and frontend parts.

Used technologies
PHP, Laravel, Javascript, Vue.js, jQuery, CSS, HTML, MySQL, printer API integration

Check yourself on skolyfoto.cz (CZ only).


This company provides top quality courses both for individuals and companies. Teach customers self defense, first aid, how to solve life threatening situations and many more.
My work on website involved verifying and analyzing user activity using Google Analytics. Discussing, implementing and evaluating new features including their design. Some redesign was also done.

Used technologies
WordPress, PHP, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, Google Analytics, MailChimp

Check yourself on sorudo.cz (CZ only).


Save your video on paper. Great idea for your wedding or events of any kinds where fun is in first place.
My work was to refactor entire app and make it more reliable and portable on another devices just simply using flash drive.

Used technologies
PHP, Linux and Windows scripting

Check yourself on flipbook.cz (CZ only).

Videacesky on youtube

This extension checks for every video on YouTube if there are Czech subtitles available on Videacesky.cz - awards winning website which provides high quality Czech subtitles for videos on YouTube.

Backbone is a simple node.js Express service providing core mechanisms and web scraping to check if a video is translated. All the functionality is accessible via API.
Users can also send a request to translate specific video - this is done via Google Forms powered by Apps Scripts which is then verified and saved to Firebase. Notification is passed to Slack for translators. Any other requests for the same video are also logged as votes and request in Slack is accordingly updated.
When video is translated, email is sent to anyone who requested the video translation.

Works on Chrome, Firefox and Opera so far.

Used technologies
Pure javascript for extension. Node.js for core mechanism and web scraper. Firebase as database. App Scripts in Google Form to pass requests to core. Slack API to interact with translators on Slack. Mailgun to send emails.

Check the extension on Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons.

Paid Content Alert

This extension will notify you when you are about to read just a snippet of paid or subscriber only article.
It now supports for over 90 news sites across the globe.
Works on Chrome and Firefox. Multilingual support. Pure javascript, no libraries.

Used technologies
Pure javascript, Chrome Extension API, CSS, HTML
Source code is available on GitHub.

Check the extension on Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons.

Supported news, magazine websites right now:

The Wall Street Journal (wsj.com)The Times (times.co.uk)The Telegraph (telegraph.co.uk)Investor's Business Daily (investors.com)irishtimes.comkyivpost.comhaaretz.compressandjournal.co.ukbarrons.comtime.comforeignaffairs.com
Digizone (digizone.cz)Reportér magazín (reportermagazin.cz)dTest (dtest.cz)Psychologie.czMontyRich (montyrich.cz)Echo24 (echo24.cz)Magazín 067 (067.cz)ekonom.ihned.cz
WELT (welt.de)Bild (bild.de)zeit.despiegel.dethueringer-allgemeine.dehaz.defreiepresse.dehandelsblatt.comfaz.net

Titulky.com Plus

Main goal is to enhance and provide better user experience for titulky.com - the largest site with Czech and Slovak subtitles.

For this extension custom API was made to check every movie for it's ratings on CSFD.cz and IMDB.com, plus genres and English subtitles. API runs on PHP, Lumen (lightweight Laravel).
Advanced usage of Chrome Extension API.

Used technologies
Javascript (jQuery, Chosen, Autolinker), CSS, HTML, PHP, Lumen, CSFD.cz API, IMDB API, Pusher
Extension source code is available on GitHub.

Check the extension on Chrome Web Store


I founded CzechBattlefield in 2011 and it used to be a well know magazine about online game by EA - Battlefield Play4Free - which was unfortunately closed in July 2015.
It held biggest community around the game.
Over 1300 articles about game updates, tutorials, strategy guides, contest, several rented game servers etc.
Over 2000 registered users.
Over 300 visitors everyday.

Main website ran on WordPress with custom theme and functions.

You can still check its first version thanks to Web Archive! Sweet memories.

I have created several tools and web apps for this game, used by over 1000 users every day all over the world:

Items Price Table - price lists for in-game items
PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, Javascript (jQuery, DataTables)

Server tool - paid server management tool for game servers
PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, AJAX), 3rd party API, PayPal, Semantic UI

Server Watcher - surveillance for any game server. Can see all players loadouts and stats.
PHP, MySQL, HTML, 3rd party API, Javascript (jQuery, AJAX)

Skill tree - in-game skill tree simulator (maintenance and new features)
Multilingual support. Shareable settings.
HTML, Javascript, CSS

Check Them All - advanced tool for checking player stats.
Multilingual support.
PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery)

Server Banners - dynamics banners for game servers. Live stats. Custom themes. Banner editor.
PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, Chosen, AJAX), Semantic UI.

Daily Deals - getting every day Daily Deals offers from game and save them so they can be viewed retrospectively.
HTML, CSS, Javacript (jQuery), Semantic UI, Cron